Why Social Media Is Important For Businesses

Social media isn’t just personal anymore – now it’s professional too! Some businesses still think they can be successful without social media. While this may be true for a small amount of businesses, the road is much more difficult. Social media has become such an everyday thing that now consumers and potential clients are looking for your social media pages BEFORE they even hit your website!

I recently spoke to a few friends, family members, and clients to get their take on social media and businesses. This may come as a shock, but the overall consensus among those I spoke to was: If a business was not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube with a solid following, they were going to lose the sale.

If we take a look at Black Friday for 2013, social media played a HUGE influence on the amount of sales that occurred. Facebook and Twitter brought in more revenue for businesses than ever before, and businesses without social media suffered. Even Pinterest played a huge role this past Black Friday, and tripled revenue on Cyber Monday.

The fact is, if you’re not on some form of social media, you could be losing MANY customers every day!

Be sure to tune in next week as I go over the best social media tools for your business.

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