Facebook Marketing Tip

Is Facebook one of your marketing channels?  Are you using images?  Today’s tip is very important for you.  Take the time to create your own images.  Do not go to Google or elsewhere on the internet, find an image and assume it’s okay for you.  It’s not.  In addition, when you pull another business’ image, you are probably pulling their watermark or other information that will direct your potential customer to them.   You work way to hard to have one of your potential customers see that name or link on your image and go elsewhere when they could have opted to do business for you.

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Become Successfully Self Employed

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Successfully Self Employed?

One of the questions I get asked quite often is “How did you become self-employed?”  People seem to think it just magically happened one day.  What they don’t realize is that it has been a journey from when I first made the decision to become self employed to when it actually happened.  And I’ll be honest.  Watching my working friends in their many different careers, I am extremely happy that I did make the self-employment decision. But it’s not for everyone.

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Your Customers Biggest Pet Peeves – Online Shopping!

Are you running an online store with physical products? Ever wonder what the top pet peeves your customers may have? Well, I can’t answer that question directly, but I can tell you I interviewed 10 online shoppers and asked them what irritated them about online stores. Here are the top five answers:

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Being A Small Business Is Scary: Tips For Overcoming Hurdles

It’s true. Being a small business in a community where only the big guys seem to win is scary. We live in a society where everything seems to be ruled by the big guys at the top, and the little guys have difficulty getting ahead. It’s frustrating, intimidating, and can be a struggle. Wait – before you click off the page, I’m not trying to scare you – promise! I’m trying to motivate you!

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Strong Brand = Strong Client Base: 5 Tips For Building A Stronger Brand

Fact: Having a strong brand is very important to your business and clientele. Without it, customers won’t feel drawn to your products or even to you. You have to grab their attention, hold that attention, and make them feel important. It’s all about building a good relationship, so think of your brand as the first impression.

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Don’t be discouraged.

I often hear from my clients that they are discouraged or growing antsy by the traffic they’re receiving or how long it is taking for them to build their community. If you’re feeling this way as well I will tell you the same thing I tell them: Don’t be discouraged!

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