Team Member: Denise Sanger


Denise Sanger lives a life split between her love for fitness and her love of marketing.  Her specialty is her compassion for people embarking on journeys that will change their lives forever.  Her motto is fiscally and physically fit.

This is a message from Denise to future business/marketing clients:

“I want everyone that has the dream of owning their own business to realize it.  The best thing I ever did was leave the corporate world and venture out on my own.  An amazing friend helped me get started. Let me help you.  If you BELIEVE you can you will.”

This is a message from Denise for future fitness clients:

“I want my clients to have the fitness experience of their lives while creating new lifestyle habits that will eliminate the word diet from their vocabularies”.


Denise has been in the business and marketing arenas for almost 3 decades.  With a love of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, Denise helps small businesses develop strong online presence through social media marketing and brand distinction. She has developed and sold 3 businesses in the wedding and jewelry industries and currently owns a wholesale toy & gift distribution company and fitness businesses.  By keeping current with the ever changing internet, Denise ensures that Sanger Marketing is a leader in eCommerce, social media marketing, direct response marketing, copywriting, content development, sales and marketing.