What is Guest Posting and How to Guest Post?

Guest posting can be a valuable resource to have, if it is executed correctly. There are a few types of guest posting you can participate in. We’ve outlined them below.

Writing for Other Blogs

The most common form of guest posting is when you provide another blog or resource content. Make sure when you provide this content it is unique, engaging, and provides enough detail to want to drive someone to your blog. In a way, you’re selling yourself to a new audience so you want to make sure you put your best foot forward. In the closing, make sure you include links to your website and a brief description about your site or yourself.

Featuring Guests on Your Blog

Featuring guests on your blog is a great way to boost your content for free or little cost, but you want to be selective in what you feature. Make sure you fully review content provided to you for accuracies, spelling, etc. as well as ensure the content is engaging and unique. Remember: while this content may not have been written by you, it is still on your blog and therefore reflects back on you. Poorly written, boring, or offensive content (unless that is your intention) may leave a sour impression and could lose you a follow/customer.

Featuring Previously Written Content

Copying and pasting content to multiple sources is often frowned upon, but it can be effectively executed under certain conditions. You want to ensure the content has enough unique elements to it as well as provides the proper links back to the original source. In addition, it is recommended you include a blurb or personal opinions/feedback before the pasted content and then include closing remarks (where you can also include the source links).

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