Starting a business? 5 tips before you begin.

Starting a business? Here are 5 tips to help you before you begin:

  •  Save the name for last if you need to.
    In the beginning you’re still developing and growing, and you may not be 100% sold on your brand name. That’s fine. What’s not fine is rebranding five times BEFORE you finally land on one you love. This winds up confusing your community, kills your SEO, and just causes an overall mess. So save the name for last if you need to.
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Top 7 Social Media Platforms

Social media is everywhere. How often do you hear or read the words: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and so on? If you live in a city, watch TV, listen to the radio, or go online then you’ve probably heard at least one of these words so far today. As a business owner, it is our job to figure out which social media platforms pack the most punch and reaches the best audience for us. Today, I want to provide you with a quick rundown on the top social media platforms currently available, to hopefully shed some light.

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Why Social Media Is Important For Businesses

Social media isn’t just personal anymore – now it’s professional too! Some businesses still think they can be successful without social media. While this may be true for a small amount of businesses, the road is much more difficult. Social media has become such an everyday thing that now consumers and potential clients are looking for your social media pages BEFORE they even hit your website!

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